Bharat Prakashan (Delhi) Limited is a Public Limited Media House started by Pd. Deendayal Upadhyay Ji (The embodiment of Bharatiya Nationalism) and funded by around 12000+ Shareholders as a support to create a nationalist media house. BPDL is India’s fastest growing Multimedia News & Views organisation.

We have been serving  National & Global audiences for authentic information on Social, Cultural, Political and Economic aspects with Nationalist views, to various age groups, gender, economic segments through our Print magazines, Digital News platform, App, Audio-Video contents, Events & Conclaves, Community engagements and social media platform solutions.

Our magazines – Organiser (English) and Panchjanya (Hindi) are Oldest & Largest selling National weeklies, being published since Independence. Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first Editor of Panchjanya and Shri A R Nair Ji the first Editor of Organiser.

We are available on almost all popular News platforms like Jio News, Magzter, Readwhere etc. apart from all the social media platforms. People who are looking for the in-depth analysis and authentic news source directly refer to our site or our app.

We are covering various topics on current affairs, News & Views, Regional & National & International news and its impact, opinion of prominent figures from respective field with various articles and columns written by renowned authors and writers etc. These magazines have been able to capture the aspirations of the masses and bring them to the notice of policy makers through well thought and analyzed articles and columns.

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Bharat Prakashan is the fastest growing Multi Media House and providing authentic news and views to our readers/subscribers/viewers/followers.

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